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  • Chorizo and manchego sticks
  • Queen olive and sunblush Tom sticks
  • Goats cheese and red pesto tart
  • Pate and onion chutney crostini
  • Parmesan and Parma Ham palmiers
  • Smoked salmon, tapenade rocket crostini
  • Seared sirloin of beef, walnut pesto, chives crisp tart
  • Quail egg, crispy Serrano Ham,saffron piccalilli
  • Smoked Salmon,avocado mousse,blini
  • Seared tuna wasabi cream,sushi ginger
  • Confit of pork belly, apricot chutney ,potato fritter
  • Grilled asparagus spears in Parma ham
  • Crisp pitta, hommous ,lemon and garlic chicken,lemon thyme
  • Gorgonzola sundried tomato jam crostini
  • Tiny beef burger , pancetta crisp, tomato chutney,smoked cheese foccicca
  • Chickpea and aubergine fritter ,grilled haloumi zingy tomato salsa
  • Artichoke and lemon pesto tart,asparagus and pecorino
  • Rissotto cake chicken and mushroom ragout
  • Balsamic onion Tatin blue cheese and thyme
  • Herby polenta crisp caponata ,potato straw
  • Seared queen scallop, pea and mint purée, pancetta crisp
  • Crisp black pudding scallop slice, cauliflower purée
  • Chicken and chorizo boudin sundried tomato pesto
  • Pulled BBQ pork crostini
  • Sunblush tomato and herb scone mozzarella and pesto centre
  • Lamb kofte sticks
  • Marinated queen olives 4 per person
  • Chilli garlic and parley
  • Manchego Spanish peppers red onion and herbs
  • Feta cheese and chilli
  • Tangy tomato coriander sauce very popular
  • Stuffed with garlic
  • Stuffed with almonds
  • Peppadews stuffed with cream cheese
  • Orange mini pointed peppered stuffed with cream cheese
  • Spanish meat platters enough for 20 35.00
  • Cheese board ten cheeses chutneys oat cakes grapes celery
  • Canapés
  • Olives
  • Stuffed peppers and peppadews

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